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Technical Analysis

Brush up on your trading game. What have you learned that may help someone else better their future in trading? Money may be power, but education and being wise is true sustainable wealth. What tips would you offer someone starting out in trading or teach them if in learning from mistakes if you could. From Favorite indicators to favorite trading strategies, everyone has developed their own in trading. Learn something new.

Stock Market

Everything Stocks! To some of us stocks are a way of how we made our bread and butter, to some it may be extra cash in the pocket, from what is a bear to bull market! Learn it here from your fellow peers and more! Stock Talk!


Hello Traders! Whether you are a stock, crypto, forex, or options trader, we all had to start somewhere! Introduce yourself to the forum and how you started your journey and where you are at now,


Hello Crypto! As cryptocurrencies gain momentum, there is still an enormous amount of people with a lack of knowledge of what the cryptocurrency world entails.

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