Favorite Cryptos and Why?

Got a favorite crypto your bullish on? Comment here. :slight_smile:


ADA, because it is a competitor to many cryptos! :grinning:

I like LINK. Many big name companies using it.

Also DOT because I’m in at 12.

ETH but don’t own enough.

xrp , its going to change the financial

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I am liking SOL. I have been checking out a lot of new NFT projects and the gas fees are so much lower on SOL. I also have been checking out Pancake Swap and the ability to stake it.

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I like cake.I might get some more tbh because I have made some money with it.

I can see that, but people who truly believe in decentralization, I would think would not necessarily want XRP. The point of decentralization is for things to be decentralized. “Ripple describes itself as a global payments network and counts major banks and financial services** amongst its customers.” So we will see what happens! If anything i think Monaro will be the next long term, like eth and btc - higher in price as well.