Favorite Indicators

Doing your own TA or Technical Analysis is one of the best ways to help predict which way a crypto or stock’s direction is headed towards.

Feel free to include in this section:

  • How did you start learning TA?
  • What are your favorite Indicators?

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I like using moving averages, volume, and volume by price. I also use trendspider charting software and it has an option to use raindrop candles. I am still studying these. I think it is unique to trendspider for now. If I see a chart I like I will swap over to those rain drop candles to try to get more info. The candle is made by using volume by price, the left side of candle is for first half and right side is for last half. You can go from 10 minute candles and up. If you were on 10 minute candle each side would be 5 minutes of data.


I’ll have to look into that this week! I’ve never heard of trend-Spider. I personally evolve with my indicators over time. MA’s, volume, and VWAP are always a given; the most basic tools, any level of trader should be aware of or have used frequently. However, I’ve been using market cipher A and B more recently which is like an all-in-one special for indicators. lol Whatever works the best, to be honest! :slight_smile:


Never heard of market cipher A and B. Is it an indicator on specific platform? I will have to see if it’s on trendspider when I get home tonight

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I use TradingView for my indicators. I am using a private version of market cipher.
I also just enabled gifs.lol :slight_smile:
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I’m a beginner and I’m trying to learn how to do my own technical analysis. I’ve never heard the term VWAP. I’ll look into it! I was going to use bollinger bands, RSI, and MACD as indicators to try and predict trends in Stock. Do you think that’s a good idea or should I try something else?

Any suggestions would be great!


Personally I believe its best to keep it simple to not overwhelm yourself. RSI and MACD are a great way to start.

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Hey there! Welcome to the forum!
VWAP or volume-weighted average price is a really good indicator to have.
See the videos below for reference and let me know your thoughts if it has cleared up some things. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I know everyone has different approaches to technical analysis. I would love to get into option trading but I’ve had difficulty finding a starting point in regards to what to look for and what indicators to use.

I appreciate the feedback.


Your welcome!

I’m going to create beginner options trading videos in the future, but in the mean time I’d suggest investopedia always as a great resource. :slightly_smiling_face:

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