Hello! New here and excited to be here!

New guy here and wanted to introduce myself, I am recently retired and have been trading and managing a small portfolio for about 1 year with a fairly decent return overall.
I started seeing a pretty young lady on the Tik Tok and she caught my attention. Good Job, must keep you pretty busy throughout your day.
I am interested now in doing some day trading and looking for advise.
Can you tell me the top 5 things that I should know before I get into this?Any and all replies are appreciated.

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First of off, let me say welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:
And Thank you for the wonderful compliments!

I don’t give “financial advice” just my opinion. Majority of my learning is self taught, there is no course to be bought, but I show resources to help guide you or make videos to help. Take advantage of the book section in the education category to help further your learning journey.

As for the reasons you ask for, I can give you one.

The fact you signed up to a free forum shows a number one characteristic and it is that you are willing and wanting to learn. Glad to have you.:slightly_smiling_face: