Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

The NFT craze has been real! :fire: Have you bought your first NFT?
List or take a screenshot and show it below.

Topics include:

  • What do you like about NFTs?
  • What platform do you use to buy NFTs?
  • What NFTs have you bought or like recently?
  • Do you make NFTs and how do you like it!?

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No fighting but if we must, do it in style. lol

I have not owned any NFT’s but I have joined a discord for Chillin Chameleons. I am probably gonna mint one or two of them when they drop. I like their group and the charity work they will be doing, cleaning the the oceans.

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I’ve never personally been in their discord.
Just be careful of scams for minting. You could be in the progress of doing a minting and if it is not legit, it could clear out your funds. Always make sure everything is 100%.
I personally want to have NFt’s created or buy some myself. That will be another project. lol

Thanks for the insight. They just got going and I have been interacting with a lot of the members on discord. They appear to be legit. They had a voice chat tonight and said they will be on/in some major news media Forbes, MSNBC, and Yahoo Finance. If you interested in NFT check them out. Here is a link Chillin Chameleons

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Thanks! I’ll consider it! :slightly_smiling_face: