What stock (ticker) you are currently trading?

What stock are you currently trading at this moment in time?
Please always note stock ticker as well in your posts
Feel free to give some details such as:

  • Stock background

  • What sector is your stock in?

  • What do you like about the stock?

  • Is there upcoming news?

At minimum:

  • Stock Ticker
  • How was your trade?

If you are doing more TA, please post in the Charts section, as all the charting will be done there.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Tripping Moon Walk GIF by MOODMAN
Going good! Then falls… lol :joy:

$BBIG and $CEI
Today, has been a great trading day for me! Let’s go! :fire:

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I bought some ALGM today.

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How did your $ALGM go? :eyes:

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Bought some $ISEE Calls last week, were preforming well today! Got to know when to take profits though. lol

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I took profits on half of my position today. I am holding the other half for tomorrow. Will see if it continues up or starts to head down been moving my stop loss up all day. Got it set .60 under current price now. So all
good! Did you get into CEI today?


I did get back into $CEI but not a large position like previously. I kept my positions for today, will check tonight and tomorrow morning to see if the status of them change. I’m going to screen for new stocks tonight. :slight_smile:

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Completely closed position on $BBIG with a loss will reinvest into a new stock this morning.
This proves to always take profits when you can! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes I closed out my ALGM this morning also

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Up for options contract for ticker $ISEE I’m happy about that! lol

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:chart_with_upwards_trend::fire: profit is always better than loss


Tried to close out my $ISEE multiple times and it’s going down.
My order isn’t wanting to go through and I adjusted the limit. :skull:
Always something.lol

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Hippo Holdings Inc


Homeowner Insurtech company is a Spac that has been oversold IMO, I think under 5 dollars is a great deal.

  • Catalyst, when its competitor LMND comes with car insurance, both of these stocks will go up because they have a similar trading pattern.

-It dropped on earnings because of the Uri storm and the other drop was when lock-up expire.

  • Next bad catalyst warrant expires worthless on November 23, 2020

                      -Average cost is 5.30. Down about 8% right now.

Does anyone know more about this company?

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Lookin ticker $HIPO

  • $HIPO -as you can see is retreating under the SMAS with a small influx of money flowing out

  • $HIPO looks very bearish compared to its original start on Jan.11th, 2021.
    I’ve personally never noticed the correlation between the two stocks, however, I’ve never really examined LMND, so that is probably why. Good tip know how they behave around each other! I don’t see abounce back for this stock for a while. RSI 40.01 unless there is more volume or news.

e. .

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